Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's been a hard year!

Wow, that second baby really derailed the whole blog thing. I'm sure all of my former readers have fled to sunnier internet climes. But, I'm happy to write for just me.

Here's a run-down of what we did and didn't do this year:
First, the garden. We planted green and jalapeno peppers, slim red cayenne peppers and roma tomatoes. The peppers were a spectacular failure. We got mostly nothing, although we did manage to pick a small bucket of slim red cayennes, which makes hubby very happy. We dry them and eat them all winter long. Okay, HE eats them...

We had really weird weather this year, so I feel lucky we got anything. It was either super super hot and dry or weeks of monsoon-style rain. A garden disaster!

Except: We planted 18 roma tomato plants this year. It cost us $6 for all of them. We bought them through a school fund raiser. Those tomatoes turned into 50 pints and 33 quarts of salsa, pasta sauce, and stewed tomatoes now safely canned in the basement. It was amazing. I actually was out of jars and tired of canning, so I left some to rot on the vine. (after I snuck tomatoes to everyone I could think of...)

We also did get the ceiling fans in. The side effect: we realized there was zero insulation over one of the baby's bedrooms, and that we really should reinsulate the attic. So, I will be pricing that out in the next couple of weeks.

The kitchen doors have yet to be replaced. I did insulate the door between the kitchen and garage, and install a new, more energy friendly pet door.

We also converted our old 1957 electric cooktop to a new, gas cooktop. It's fabulous, and likely more energy efficient. Although, cook tops do not have energy star ratings.