Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The side effects of geothermal

Well, the geothermal furnace is up and running. I didn't give much thought about what to do with the lawn once it was finished, however. Maybe because they were only supposed to dig up a 10 ft by 10 ft square. No such luck. Because it was raining so much the week they came to drill, they dug a trench the entire length of our yard. Now, 90 percent of my front yard is mud.

I'm not a fan of lawns. I think they're a waste of time and energy. But, my neighbors would rise up in revolt if I just left it as a pile of dirt! What to do? We tried to even it out by hand and throw down some grass seed. But even if the seed grows, it's not going to look good, like a real lawn.

I have to put my thinking cap back on. I'm thinking of calling some sod farms to see how much that would cost. We don't have a lot to spend, considering we just emptied the savings account for the furnace!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Your handy guide to recycling weird stuff

I have a pile of things I really can't bear to throw out but I have no idea how to recycle. Of course, it's all in piles in the garage. Far from ideal. I ran across this guide to recycling strange things today, and found some solutions to my growing mess. It has suggestions on everything from cardboard boxes to styrofoam packing peanuts.

Recycling strange things from Co-Op America